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As we recently hit our 100 subscriber milestone on YouTube and were able to change our URL to include Bike Homes, we started reviewing our channel and realized we never really put out a video about who Bike Homes is. So we decided to commemorate our 100+ subscriber milestone, we would put together this little video to give you additional insight into Bike Homes. Another fun fact is this video makes our 20th video for our Table Talks.

Bike Homes, LLC is a Maryland based Real Estate Investment company that specializes in purchasing distressed and toxic assets for our own portfolio.  Stacey and I have been investing in real estate since 1991.

You might wonder how we came up with our name.  Well, Stacey and I are avid bicyclists. We enjoy road bikes and have completed numerous century rides which is either 63 or 100 miles depending on whether it’s a metric or true century ride.  So when we were thinking of names for our company, we wanted something that was not only unique and memorable but something that was relative to our both our investing and cycling interests, hence the name Bike Homes was born.  Our logo includes a Penny Farthing, or High Wheel Bike. Invented in the 1800’s, the Penny Farthing was the first machine to be called a bicycle. Its name came from its large front wheel and smaller back wheel, which resembled the largest and smallest coins of the time.

We focus on buying non performing 1st lien mortgages on residential and commercial properties all across the United States.  These are also referred to as Notes.  In short, we become the bank. We buy our distressed assets through the relationships we have built with banks, hedge funds and private equity groups.

As Note Investors we can typically purchase a non performing asset at 50% or more off of Fair Market Value instead of the 80 to 85% that traditional investors pay once it hits the market as a Real Estate Owned (REO) or bank owned property that has gone to foreclosure.

In addition to Notes, we also purchase distressed properties outright in the Maryland metro area which we repair and update to produce superior quality residences for purchase and/or rent.

We seek to keep hard-working families in their homes while providing our Investors a profitable Return on Investment (ROI).


Our strategies are to:

  • Turn problem properties into profitable solutions.
  • Create win-win solutions for the borrowers by keeping hard working families in their homes to the extent possible.
  • Understand the unique goals and strategies of our Investors to achieve the greatest ROI
  • Perform effective up-front detailed due diligence and analysis on each property to avoid potential pitfalls in asset acquisition.

Before purchasing any asset, we analyze each property to determine the best exit strategy to ensure they meet the investments parameters of our portfolio and those of our Joint Venture Partners.  As note investors, we have about 9 different exit strategies on any particular asset.

We work through our licensed vendors to find win-win solutions for each borrower’s unique situation as much as possible.  When a solution is not feasible, we promptly start foreclosure to take control of the asset and generate a win-win solution as quickly as possible.

We are always looking for Joint Venture Partners who are looking to put their Self Directed IRAs or Investment Funds to work for them.  Whether you are looking for a passive return on your money or a more active role in your investment, we have a wide array of investment opportunities available.   By investing in notes backed by real estate, your investment becomes recession proof.  We can help you turn your investments into win-win solutions.

If you would like more information about Bike Homes or how we can help you turn your investments into profitable solutions, email us at:

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