Full Steam Ahead in 2017

Happy New Year from Bike Homes, LLC.

As every new year begins, most of us make New Years Resolutions.  Many of which go something like this…  I want to lose weight; get in shape, eat better, be a better person, and the list goes on and on.    We vow to throw away our left over cookies and goodies from the holidays to start a new year of good eating and being in the best shape.  So, how many of us stick to those resolutions?  I myself am guilty of breaking a few from time to time.

Resolutions are a good start, but resolutions tend to be all or nothing.  According to a recent article I read on Active.com, called “Set Goals, Not Resolutions,” only 8% of people who make a New Years Resolution actually keep it.

So that’s why its important to set goals.  According to the business dictionary a goal is an observable and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed timeframe.

The article goes on to point out goals direct your attention and focus.  They help you remain persistent in the face of adversity.  The article offered 7 tips to setting goals:

  1. Set specific, but challenging goals
  2. Set multiple goals
  3. Ink it, don’t just think it
  4. Frame goals positively instead of negatively
  5. Plan out what you are going to do weekly or daily
  6. Include a plan to adjust your goals
  7. Ask someone to sign your plan

In looking at the new year, Stacey and I have set our goals for Bike Homes for 2017 and are heading into the year full steam ahead.  Not only are these goals set, but they are written down and posted where we can review them every day.  Our main goal is to close 100 note deals by the end of 2017.  Now, I must admit that is a lofty goal, but if you break it down it is only about 8.3 per month or 2 per week.    Within the 100 notes, we plan to hold 20 as rental properties.  In addition, we plan to Joint Venture with other note investors on 10-15 deals; where we are the investor/joint venture partner for another successful note investor.

In order to reach 100 notes, we anticipate needing to raise about 2-3 million in capital.  Our commitment to reaching the 100 notes, starts with consistency followed by continued action.   By our consistent and continued action, I know we will be successful.  So you might ask what we plan to do to reach this goal?

For those of you that have been following us, we began Dining Room Table Talks for Note Investors in the Fall of 2016 and continued through until our short break during the holidays.  We will continue our table talks throughout 2017 with additional topics on note investing and news about our note deals.

Stacey will begin his own Facebook live series initially starting out once a week and building to five times a week by the end of the year. In addition, we will continue our posts and advertising on LinkedIn and Facebook.

We will continue reaching out to Bank Asset Managers on a consistent basis and following up with phone calls 2 days a week to find assets that they are ready to move off their books.    This is in addition to hoping to continue placing bids on assets through our Mastermind group.

We will continue our email marketing campaigns based around our Table Talks and deals we have in process.  We have a goal to increase our marketing strategies throughout 2017 by venturing out into other social media avenues.  In addition to social media, we will continue building our network and relationships by attending real estate events in our area.

Finally, we will continue building our education through our affiliation with the Note Mastermind so we can be the best investors for our Joint Venture partners.  We will actively participate by listening to weekly podcasts geared towards note investing.

So as you look to 2017, perhaps your goal is to become a passive investor in promissory notes backed by real estate notes.  I encourage you to reach out to us to learn how you can safely experience greater returns, typically in the double digits, using your Self Directed IRA or personal investment funds.

So, stay tuned for a wild ride in 2017!  Full steam ahead for a successful note journey in 2017.

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