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Did you know you could lose your house if you don’t pay your water bill?

Some of you may recall that last week we talked about HOAs taking advantage of Mortgage servicers and how we need to make sure we include HOA fees as part of our due diligence process.  Well, that really got me thinking and hence wondering how utility liens affect our process of note investing.  So, naturally, [...]

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Baseball & Notes??? What do they have in Common?

Baseball and Notes - What ever do they have in common Pitchers and catchers reported February 15, 2017 for the Washington Nationals and the rest of the team reported on the 18th to prepare for the opening day, which by the way is just about a month and a half from now. So the sound [...]

Due Diligence in Note Investing

My friend Doug asked me how we could invest in properties that we don’t see inside of before we purchase them.  So I told him about our due diligence process.  If you have been following us on Facebook lately, you know that we recently had 4 bids accepted on a tape we received. Narrow Down [...]

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