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Bike Homes, LLC is a Maryland based Real Estate Investment company specializing in purchasing distressed and toxic assets for our own portfolio.  We have been investing in real estate since 1991.  We focus on buying non performing 1st lien notes on Residential and Commercial properties.  We acquire assets from all across the Unites States with focus on the markets in Maryland, Florida, Ohio, North and South Carolina.  We buy distressed properties through our relationships with banks, hedge funds and private equity groups.  We also purchase distressed properties outright in the Maryland metro area which we repair and update to produce superior quality residences for purchase and/or rent.

We analyze each property to determine the best exit strategy to ensure they meet the investments parameters of our own portfolio and those of our Joint Venture Partners.

We work through our licensed vendors to find a win-win situation for each borrower’s unique situation as much as possible.  When a resolution is not feasible, we promptly start foreclosure.

We are focused on improving neighborhoods and redeveloping areas in which we work.

Bike Homes got its name from the fact that we are avid cyclists.  When we were trying to come up with a name for business, we wanted something unique and represented something we love to do.  Read our Blog Post on Bike Homes.

Our Strategy

  • Turn problem properties into profitable solutions while improving neighborhoods where we live and work.
  • We aim to keep hard working families in their homes.
  • Create win-win solutions for borrowers and Joint Venture Partners.
  • Buy non-performing 1st lien notes on Residential & Commercial properties all across the US.
  • Rehab properties to keep our neighborhoods strong and thriving.

Our Solutions

  • We strive to be the best at what we do and offer.
  • Perform effective up-front due diligence and analysis on each property to avoid potential pitfalls in asset acquisition.
  • Keep hard working families in their homes.
  • We understand the unique goals and strategies of our Investors to achieve the greatest Return on Investment (ROI)